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Little birds must learn to fly…

you plan your whole life for “after”. 

everything is supposed to fall into place beautifully after…

you have your degree. you have the love of your life. you land a fairly good entry-level job. you start the adventure.


you’re not supposed to move back in with your parents.

you’re not supposed to be working at Starbucks while looking for an internship that will give you experience in your actual degree field.

and you’re not supposed to be single.

but I am.

Hello world. i’m one of many little birds that find themselves back in the nest after they’ve supposedly flown the coop, and I’m finding it very difficult to find a way to test my wings. But a wise old bird told me that this could be a great learning experience in my life, if i will just take it in.

so here’s me. this is my way of trying to take it in.

i want this to be a place where i can share my struggles, and my laughable “learning” moments. I will try my best to make sure that this isn;t just a vent page, but I place for me to record my experiences, so that I can look back over what I go through and hopefully make since of what is sure to be a confusing, stressful, yet insightful period of self-discovery and actualization in my life.

so if you stumble upon my little nest, welcome. feel free to laugh or share insight and commonality with me. I’ll appreciate it.