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I Don’t Want Summer to Come.

It’s the honest truth. I am dreading summer this year.  The students in the Resource Room have a countdown to summer posted on one of the chalkboards, and every time I see it I get completely freaked out. Because as soon as summer comes, I’ll be unemployed. Again.  And that completely terrifies me.  And all people seem to be able to say is: Such is the nature of worknig in Education.  I want to punch these people. Really, Really badly. Wearing gloves covered in metal and glass spikes.

I’m already starting to freak out. How will I pay rent/utilities, the car payment, my two private loans, my 5 federal loans, for gas, groceries?? What will I do? Leech off family *yet again*? I can’t take that. I can’t.  I can not *stand* being dependant on other people, especially when those others do not have what they need, either.  The only other option? Return to Ohio. And I simply can not go back. My counselor told me that.

So… I jsut don’t even know. I hate not knowing…all this worry. I feel as though any second I’m going to burst into tears or start tearing into someone else. I vacilate from deeply depressed to insanely pissed off. Why is it that life *has* to be this way? Why was the education set up like this??  WHY?!!!

So that’s where I am right now. Terrified. Stressed out. And completely alone.

my life sucks right now, how’s yours?

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  1. 21/05/2011 at 5:48 pm

    I feel the same way. Except I’m a kid and I dont want summer to come cuz I wont beable to hangout with my friends. I will be alone! I hate being alone. And I also HATE it when Im worried and I dont know. I am a biggggg worrier..

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