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I am a dork.

So, this funny little thing happened yesterday that I just *have* to share with the 2 of you that read this, albeit occassionally. Are you ready for this?? Here goes:

I hit a parked car yesterday. While on Jessica’s bike. I bruised to right arm (thanks, side mirror), have roadburn and a bruised shoulder bone on my left side, the first layer of skin scraped off my left kneew, and various other scratches and nicks all over my body.  *hilarious*

Honestly, you can laugh. I did, as I was washing blood and scraping gravel out of my knee. I *cracked up*. Because, honestly? Who does that?? hits a parked car? Oh Lordy!! In my defense? I was trying to avoid a moving vehicle, and the parked car was blocking my entrance to my driveway. We don’t even know who’s car it was! So.. yea. The car’s okay?? It has a stripe of residue from the handlebars on it, but I know from experience that that *totally* rubs off. To be honest? I wouldn’t have fallen if it hadn’t been for the side mirror, so *that’s* what took the brunt of my attack.

But yea. So that happened.  All of my students and coworkers were asking me all day “What happened to your arm?!” and so I’ve told the story about 50 times at this point. One of the 4th grade teachers told me I should tell the kids it was a bar fight. She said it sounded more badass, and I really must say that I agree with her. But let’s be honest, I don’t feel too badass because in reality *I hit a PARKED CAR*. And there is nothing badass about that.  At all.

So there it is. The 50,000 reason why I really am just a ginormous dork. Laugh to yourself and think “Oh Brittany!” , and then you may carry on with your work. Just thought I’d share.


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