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Special Needs

This has nothing to  do with the 30 Day Challenge, and that’s okay because I’ve already lost on doing it in 30 consecutive days. Go me!

This post is a special one, that’s very dear to my heart.  My brother. So it should first be made *very* clear that my family is close. Very, very close. There’s 7 of us, just in my immediate family. That’s not even counting in-laws or nieces or nephews. My parents had 5 children.  you would think that would be a recipe for all manner of chaos and dissention growing up, but it wasn’t like that at all. My mother and father have some stellar organizational skills. My dad was in the Navy, my Mom was raised in a military family. And they both came from large families, so they knew what they were doing by having all of us. The organization and structure that my parents ran our house with gave birth to a very calm, relaxing environment. This helped us siblings to be able to develop strong, deep bonds with each other that have lasted until today. The in-laws always say that they can tell when their spouse is talking to one of the other “Fawcett” kids, because you can physically hear it in their voice. We all love each other. Deeply.  It’s nothing wierd or unnatural; it’s just what happens when you’re raised in the good home like we were.

That all being said, we all also feel the pain of each other pretty acutely.  And that is what’s going on right now. My brother Chad is one of those people who it took a littel longer for him to figure out what he liked to do, and therefore wanted to do with his life. I’m still doing that, so there’s no judgement from me. Unfortunately, what Chad likes to do is Produce music. He’s really good at it, honestly. More importantly, he loves it. He’s a really good musician, with enough natural talent to make me sick. And while he enjoys writing and recording his own stuff, he doesn’t want to become a professional musician. He wants to record other musicians, because the joy in recording is all in the process for him. It’s not about him becoming famous or having a ton of people hear his stuff. It’s the process of mixing and organizing tracks and vocals into one collaborative piece of beautiful auditory art.

so what’s so unfortunate about this? Well, you can’t become a producer overnight. Not at all. Not when you are someone who has no connection to the music buisness. He’s doing his best to get himself “out there”, or as best as he can in this area… but there’ s only so far working sound for local venues and church can get you. So needless to say, Chad’s been feeling a bit discouraged lately. He really wants to be working in a career, and he wants that career to be in producing music. But how do you get there? What should he do? He isn’t quite sure… and I have no idea.

So… if you stumble unto this blog and have any ideas, pass them to me. Or if you would just like to pray for wisdom, guidance, or just patience… please do. He could use some help in this.

I love this brother of mine, and am proud and slightly jealous of his musical abilities. There’s nothing that I would love to see than for Chad to finally realize his dream. But the hardests part of a dream is waiting for it to start, right?

Just keep Chad in your prayers.

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