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Day 2

I’m just such a trend-setter. Kidding, mostly. But the friend I stole this idea off of has decided to actually blog this herself! (Don’t worry about how that works out exactly.) Audra, I love you and you can get “all up in my grill” anytime you want, you doll!

so let’s get on with it. The real reason I’m here is perhaps for one of my favorite posts, and surprisingly a hard one for me to chose a subject for. Basically?  To steal a line from Jenny, the Bloggess: I have friends inspite of myself. So after much deliberation on whether it should be a friend or family member, here is Day 2 of the 30 Day Challenge.

Day 2:  A picture of you and the person you have been closest to the longest.

Bethany & Me in college (4 years ago)

Bethany. Beth Annie. Beej. BJ.  She’s probably one of the coolest people I’ll ever know, and she would never ever believe that.  Bethany and I met at the church where I grew up. My mom was the youth pastor, and my dad was the soundman. So was her dad. My parents were big in the music stuff . So where her parents. Add to that the fact that the church was rinky-dink and most of the people who attended where a part of one of the five main families, and it can be assumed that we all knew each other pretty well without actually being friends-per-say. But that all changed when Bethany got to the age where she started to notice guys. Let’s say around 12? And I just happen to have a brother who is a year older than Bethany. And he’s a musician. And he’s hysterical. And he never went more than a couple weeks without a girlfriend, and when he broke up with girls, he did it in a way that made them feel like he was doing them a favor therefore they loved him all the more for it. Or so it seemed. My brother was *the* guy to like. So, as usually happens when a totally awesome guy has a younger sister, I started to be treated quite nicely be the older girls. Which for nerdy, annoying little me, was about the greatest thing ever.  So that’s when me and Bethany first started being nice to each other. In junior high, I was incredibly annoying and emotional. I had very few friends, most of whom I have no idea how they put up with me. It was hard, even Bethany would say, to be friends with me. But some of the older girls were especially mean about it,and would talk about me behind my back. Bethany said that any time this happened, she would feel bad for me and so decide to still be nice to me.

This all was completely unknown to me. Mostly. So I thought Bethany was the greatest thing ever. Somewhere amist all of this, Bethany and I started to become real friends. We talked it over, and we agreed upon the fact that neither of us really know when it started… but we found ourselves become close. Tight. Almost inseperable. I stopped being so emotional and annoying. She stopped having to pity me and actually grew to like me. It’s like magic happened.

Whatever the cause, we were close. She entered college 3 years before me, but stayed an extra year and a half. So, we spent two full years of college together. It was great. She was there for me during some really difficult times, and I repaid her by being there through some tough breakups. We called each other sisters.

Bethany was the first person I ever told *everything* to. All my little secrets, all my fears. She’s still the one person who truly knows *everything* about me. Most of all, she has seen me at my absolute worst and my best… and she still things I’m a good person and slightly cool.  I thank God for her, and for giving her the strength to stick it out with me. She’s one of those people who I feel actually understands me. Really understands me. She calls it “speaking Brittany”. She also happens to be one of the few people from that church who genuinely loves my mother. That’s saying a lot, since that church did it’s best to ruin, break down, and ultimately destroy my Mother, since the alternative was to take responsibility for their own actions and why would they do that when they could just drive the youth pastor out?

She, in herself, is a loving and grace-filled person by nature. She always seeks to find the good in someone else, and to encourage that. She is an incredible listener, and she knows the best ways to make me smile after I’ve sat on her floor and cried for 20 minutes. She’s loyal, and never gossips or says anything bad about someone else. Ever. She is gentle, yet always up for exploring the Creek, going swimming in the lake in the middle of January, or going on a motorcycle trip with her man. She’s the kind of person who is so very valuable, yet undervalued and not seen by waay to many people. To know her is to love her. Truly.

Sadly, almost an entire nation seperates Bethany from me. We rely on sporatic, 3 hour long phone datesand facebook messages to keep in touch. She’s an amazing friend; and no matter how long it’s been since we last talked, we always pick up right where we left off.  She is someone who is very important to me, someone I look up to greatly, and someone I love deeply. 

So, here’s to a 9 year friendship with someone who has shown me better than anyone else what it means to be a good friend. I love you, Bethany Jean!

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