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A Challenge

So  I recently discovered this thing called The 30 Day Challenge. I don’t know if it’s an official thing or not, so there is a possibility that I’m illegally plagarising someone else’s work. (Just a sec. Checking to make sure I’m not doing anything illegal.)

Okay, well it appears that no one knows where it came from. I plead innocent to everything. Also? I invoke the 5th Amendment if asked anything about it, and am looking into the laws that deal with public domains and uncopyrighted materials, just in case.

Anyways. So the 30 Day Challenge.  I can’t really explain it, but it is almost like a 30 day public journaling using pictures to talk about important people, places, and memories in your life. Reading through it on my friend’s site, it seems to have the potential to be a very good, revealing, and slightly therapuetic thing to do. So I’ve decided to do it.  This is my 30 Day Challenge.

Day 1: Post a picture of yourself along with 15 facts about who you are, what you love, and important things to you. 

Over a year ago.

(I’m going to try to focus on defining facts/information instead of favorite colors and stuff.)

Fact 1: I was adopted at birth, from one cousin to another.

Fact 2: As can be inferred from above, my family greatly values family. As do I. My family is very important to me; and I believe that you can never fully understand or know someone without knowing their family, as well. Family shapes and guides our development.

Fact 3: I love God very much, but am not a very good Christian. I don’t feel as though God can be so easily defined, or so easily known.

Fact 4: I do not think that man is basically good or basically evil. The tendency for either is found in man in equal proportions. Good men can unwittingly do or allow horrible things to happen, while Bad men can unwittingly save a life. We are all both broken and holy.

Fact 5: I believe in grace and forgiveness like some people believe in religion, democracy, or patriotism. I believe in the power that is unleased when we choose to believe and accept that we all are human and can mess up, and therefore chose to still believe in the people around us and even ourselves despite the mistakes made and hurts caused.

Fact 6: I am the weirdest, most complex, and hardest person you will ever try to figure out. Or so I’ve been told.

Fact 7: It’s one of my deepest desires to be understood, known, and figured out. I want to truly know the people around me, and I want them to truly know me. And I want us all to be able to accept and love each other anyway.

Fact 8: Music does something to me on a cellular level that nothing else could ever reach, unless you add God to it. Then, I am ruined in the power of that mix.

Fact 9: I tend to come across as either dumb, passive,sweet  and extremely submissive or cold, sarcastic, blunt and extremely abbrasive. Not usually anything in between. This is do to my complete lack of ability to function socially. You’ve been warned.

Fact 10:  I always feel alone. Always. I never seem to be able to feel truly connected to anyone around me. In contrast, I tend to be the person that people I don’t know come up to and tell me all about their lives. Especially the things that really should only be told to counselors. I also tend to “affect” people’s lives even though I had no idea that I was even friends with the people.

Fact 11: Hugs are a neccesity to me. I can’t explain it. I am not normally a touchy, emotional person… but there are times when I *need* a hug, and will punch you in the mouth if you try to talk me through or fix whatever’s going on just to make you shut up and hug me. I can figure things out on my own. All I need from others is a hug. Thanks.

Fact 12: I have a hard time giving up on friends, but also have a hard time starting new friendships. So I’m untrusting, yet intensely loyal. Yea, it doesn’t make sense, either.

Fact 13: I am your biggest fan, and my own worst critic. Always. I tend to expect little in others and everything in myself.

Fact 14: I truly believe that the greatest life to live is one that quietly spends every moment disappearing into the lives of others. There is no better way to live than to spend your every moment giving of yourself for the sake of the ones whom you love. To give of yourself until you disappear completely. To be unnoticed, yet complete neccesary. I want to be invisible.

Fact 15: I may be a narcassist who also hates themselves. Use this post for reference.

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    Audra, i love you.

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