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Taking a dump.

I think the best word to describe me is not a blogger. I am a venter. And usually my venting appears in rapid-fire texts to twitter that read in the truncated and snipped manner of a highschooler trying to piece together bits of an outline to form the paper they are supposed to turn into their english class, which is the class right after study hall or home room.

So I’m going to attempt to start dumping all of that onto here. That way, no one is forced to see it if they don’t want to. Also, this way no one will really see it unless they seek it out. I am realizing that many people, myself included, like to spout off what we think… and twitter and facebook offer a way to do that which is actually less private and more public then our oppinions would otherwise be made known.

I’m tired out, guys. Tired of seeing other’s make fools of themselves, tired of making a fool of myself, tired of people responding to things posted on tumblr,youtube, and other places with so much hatred. I’ve always been a fan of “talking things out” and have believed that we could all get along much better if we just took the time to get to know, and respect, each other.  But too often, talking isn’t used to get to know anyone else, or to treat others with respect. It’s simply just another way to propogate personal oppinions. Just like in the school yard, those who talk the loudest and most aggressively will be heard. They will be the dominate voice. It seemes like back then, and even now, that the ones who do the loud, aggressive, “speaking for us all, I think…” kind of talking never seem to have the same oppinions as me. And there is a tendency to try to get my side heard… but I don’t think my attempts to talk loudly and be heard are really the best response. What’s to seperate me from the “others”?

The people who have made the biggest impact in my life are those who quietly surprised me.  The ones who don’t often try to let you know exactly what they think and believe and why you should believe the same exact way they do. it’s the ones who quietly live what they believe. The kind teacher who simply listened to me, who tried to help me calm down, and spoke value and worth into my life, but never actually shared hehr oppinion of me and what I was going through. The friend who quietly supports me, but if pressed will admit that they don’t agree with me… but they love me enough to put that aside. The quiet older brother who was well thought of and liked by his peers; but instead of pursuing popularity, he made an effort to sit with and befriend the kids that all the other guys made fun of. He hung out with people who he may not have agreed with, but who needed a friend, needed someone to *not* judge or look down on them.

So maybe the best thing isn’t to spout off about whatever is pissing me off at the moment. Maybe it’s better just to try to live in a way that I can someday surprise someone else. To have standards, but to not be one who throws those standards in everyone else’s face… but quietly lives a life of love and grace, remembering that I, myself, am just like the broken, bullied, bullies, and proprogators. And regardless of race, creed, sexuality, or religious or non-religious affiliation… we are all human. We are all in need of someone to love and value us. Most of all, we all deserve respect. And the right to have our own oppinions and beliefs.

But of course, if I do find myself needing blowing off steam, there’s always here: My quiet, unnoticed little corner of the room where I can scribble down my little, uninformed and crazy oppinions. Where hopefully I won’t offend or repel possible friends by shoving my beliefs down their throats.

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