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Please stop

My first reaction to such “religious” organizations such as Westboro Baptist and others is typical this: I want to cry. Yes, i know that this sounds like such a girl way to respond,but shut up and let me explain or I’ll punch you in the ‘nads.

We all get God wrong all too often. History shows this *clearly*. Even in the Old Testament, people are getting God wrong and doing horrible things in His name. I know, I know: a good Christian is supposed to view the Bible as Holy and completely true and accurate through and through. I’m sorry, but I know that the Bible was written and compiled by “human hands”. We humans are not known for our perfection. In fact, we are known for the opposite, for finding new and creative ways to fantastically screw everything up in unrepairable ways. For instance, the huge garbage dump I drive by on my way to the mountains. Beautiful mountains, gorgeous and lush valley, and a gigantic scar in the center where the beautiful earth has been ripped away so that a whole can be made to throw all our crap into. (Most of which, at this point, can be recycled or composted.) One of the most beautiful areas of the country tainted by a grand testiment to our ability to use,abuse,and waste. Go us!

 I’m geting off track, I know.

Anyways, so yea… I’m one of “those” Christians, who view the old testament as a grand display of how hard it is for us mere humans to understand a Great, Powerful, Holy, yet Loving and Gentle, and Forgiving God. How could we ever grasp that? And how can we blame the Isrealites for letting the popular religions of the day seep in and pervert the awesome covenant they had with God? They can’t be blamed for something we all do. It happens. And it still happens.

Fast forward to the time of the great monarchs and empires. And what do we have? Churches. Powerful,domineering, seeming in wealth and politics. Not at all what a church should be. I’m not about to say that *all* the crusaders were evil, and politically motivated. Most were, but not all. I believe like with most things, some good but ignorant people got swept up into the wave created by very enthusiastic, manipulative, selfish, scared, and dominating charismatic leaders, and felt they were doing what “God wanted”. But, I am going to say that I refuse to believe that the slaughtering of thousands of innocent lives across the entire planet, the ruination of hundreds of beautiful and unique societies and cultures, and the resulting hatred and violence of once segment of a population towrds their brothers, sisters, cousins, and children was ordined by the God I serve. I believe that the very God who created each and every one of these peoples, and gave them the abilities to create and form societies, was both greatly saddened and extremely angry to watch as hundreds of scared and selfish men rape, pillage, and destroy His beautiful creations. I think of tribal rituals and languages, beautiful and unique, now lost to all but a very few who are left to try to carry on and preserve their history. I think of the capturing and violence of the indian, african, and asian nations by their own people to be sold in slavery to the rich, white, “godly” western nations.

And I think about the pain and suffering of so many children, young adults, adults, and elders at the hands of those who claim to love God, but seem to know nothing of His love, grace, or unconditional acceptance of all human beings despite what they have done, are doing, or will do.

So when I see a “christian” going off about why “homosexuality is wrong” or “why we need a Christian dictatorship”, I want to cry. For all the people who have been beaten, raped, enslaved, condemned, murdered, hated, and destroyed by these types of “Christians”. And I want to find these broken people and love on them. To let them know that I, too, have suffered greatly at the hands of “good people”… And to show them through my loving and caring for them what God is really like. And I promise not to say a single word.

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