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Update! Whaaaat?

11/12/2010 1 comment

okay, so it has been a while, no? oh it has. So, for those of you who actually read this, occassionally (Audra, you doll):

The Goings-on of a Little Songbird:

So life has been happening.  I almost decided to move back to the land of corn over Christmas, but more on that later. Firstly: I have a job.

That is a great thing to see written out. I am finished with the temp and substitute positions and can finally rest assured that I will have a consistent, okay-sized paycheck coming in every month. (Once a month paying sucks, but ehh. ) I will be worknig as a Para in the special education department at a local school. I’ll mostly be working with 2-3 students, all of which are intergrated. Meaning: I will be going with the students to their classes and helping where necessary. It sounds awful, but I love it. Unfortunately, this job was not obtained without a little difficulty/drama.

Adults of the world, it’s time to grow up now. Thanks.

So I was subbing at a school for about a month and a half. The same school, the same room, the same kids. For a month and a half. And really? I liked it there. I liked my coworkers, loved the kids, understood and felt comfotable with the program, etc. So when I heard that the position was *finally* being posted online as open-for-hire, I applied. *That very night.* I figured “I’ve been here, I know the kids and have basically been interviewing for the past month, so…ehh. They should see that, and get in contact with me quite soon.” Okay, not so much. 2 whole weeks passed without a word. So, I’m thinking that maybe everyone else isn’t so happy about my work as I thought. So, I apply for some other positions so that I can hopefully have a new job by the time the school I was working at hires someone else. Let’s just be honest, I’m newly postgrad. I need a job. Well, what do you know! A day later, I get a call from a new principal, asking if I’d like to interview at her school.  I say yes, of course. I interviewed there this past monday, and get a call the *next day* asking if I’d like the job. Whoah. Now that was fast. But, I had told the new principal about my situation, and my preference to stay where I was, so I didn’t accept right away. I decided to go talk to the lady at the school I was at, and ask her about the open position and whether or not they were even considering me. She said that the two principals had been talking ,and that the lady who offered me the job *knew* that my then current school was thinking of interviewing me. Umm… what?  So I set up a time to interview with them. I call the new principal and let her know. I told her that if she was uncomfortable with waiting, that I’d understand if she withdrew the job offer. She told me she was willing to wait because I was by far their first choice. (!!!!!!) So, I do the interview… which goes less then well and I am told by the interviewers that I’d know by the end of the day if they were going to hire me. If not, I’d find out in a couple of weeks. (W.T.F?) So, I go on my way…tra-la-la. The end of the day comes, and I haven’t heard anything. So I call the *new* principal to let her know what’s going on and find out at this point that the other principal HAD NOT, in fact, been in contact with her at all. THE SCHOOL I HAD BEEN WORKING AT LIED TO ME. I really wish I could say I was kidding, but I’m not. I was shocked! Am I naive? Sure. But I expected better than that from adults. So, I went ahead and took the first job offer. Yea, that’s right, THEY WAITED FOR ME. For almost a week. And they didn’t lie to me. Well, so I go in the next day and tell everyone who needed to know that I will no longer be subbing there, as this was friday, and I start my new job on monday. Well, this made the teacher I was working with really mad because she really wanted the school to hire me *and* she knew all they had put the other school and me through. And they didn’t hire me? Yea, so she goes and talks to the one in charge of the hiring process and they are all “We were going to offer her the job today. We just forgot to do it before. But it’s too late now.” Okay. Yea…sure. So, I got to spend my last day at the job that I have had for almost two months surrounded by people who were pissed off at me because *it was all my fault,apparently.* Thank you for sacrificing me to cover yourselfs. how adult of you!

Needless to say, I am very glad to have gotten a job elsewhere and will have to work my butt off to show that principal that I am so very sorry for making her wait for 2 days before answering her. Because, really? That was unprofessional of me, and a waste of time. Obviously.

So there’s the sad sad story of how I got my first *real* job. Also? It’s a lesson in how dumb and evil the real world is. So watch out! People will do anything to try to get what they want. If that fails? They will sacrifice what they had wanted in order to make themselves look good.

Anyways… it’s Christmas!! I am currently sitting next to the *real* Christmas tree we have brought into the house to watch die and it smells amazing! And Christmas music is playing on pandora  being played on the guitar by the brother, who also made the delicious french-pressed coffee I am drinking. This is my favorite time of year, y’all. From October until January. The best 4 months of the year. Yes, I just counted that out in my head. shut up.  I absolutely love being bundled up, going and see family, Christmas lights, Christmas plays (I’m going to go see a performance of The Nutcracker Tonight!), and just all the fun and festivity of the holidays!!  Truly, the best time of year.

 And I’ll get to see all my friends again! YAY! For those wondering, I am coming down from the mountains and heading toward the cornfields for Christmas in about a week! Woohoo! So hit me up if you want to hang out! But just so you all are aware, I will be without a mode of transportation. Just keep that in mind.

Well. Here you are. An update. And a brief ode to Christmas. I have done my job.

OHH WAIT!! I promised an explanation. okay. So, the beginning of November was a bit stressful, as both the bro&sis-in-law and I were all out of money, and trying to figure out a way to survive until the end of the month, including our trip home. Whoah. That was tough. So things were tense all around because we all were quite stressed. Then I killed my car. Yaaaaaayyy…… it was bad. So I was considering just dropping everything here, and moving back with the parents. Buut… over Thanksgiving, I got the guts to talk to Bro&SIL and we worked things out/ aired things out. So… I came back to the mountain and will probably stay here until… whenever? I’ll keep everyone posted.

So there you go.

Well, now it’s time to go get dressed and hit up the library and do whatever it is I feel like doing today. I love and miss you all!! And I hope you have a great holiday season!


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