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I killed my first car. 

 Yep. And in a dumb accident that was completely my fault. Ohh boy! So I’ve been spending the last few days looking for a replacement. So much fun there, let me tell ya. Especially when my dad and brother come along because *apparently* a girl is unable to purchase a car on her own. 

I’m mostly kidding. Except that I’m not exactly because I do need a cosigner. No, I don’t have bad credit. I don’t have any credit and that freaks people out. Whatever. Wussies. Go learn to live within your means. Duh.

so yea. College loand coming due, and I kill my car. My car I got free from my father.  That was the life.

also? it’s thanksgiving. YAY! really? that means that my untire 21 person family is shoving into one house together. We don’t do hotels because we live within our means. And you can’t beat free. Also? This way we can all *not* watch our kids, but still have our kids looked after. Win-Win.

So anyways. Happy Turkey Day week to you all. Go eat too much and share a little love. In whatever way you prefer. In my house? Teasing, hitting, bullying, and nagging. you know, all the traditional ways to show you care.

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