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Hatred and Moral Obligations

*You could be a hero, you could do what’s right. You could be a hero, you might save a life.*

Four young lives have been snuffed out in the past few weeks. Four…that we know of.  I don’t care where you all stand on the issue of homosexuality, but this is not right. No one should be made to feel as if they are so unwanted that their very existence is pointless and, in fact, an abomination. I hate that word. I hate that word. 

When God created the world, He looked at all His creation and said that it was good. It was perfect. And I know that God is holy, and that He made humans with specific intentions in mind, and for a little while we all lived up to those intentions and were perfect. But then came the trickery, the betrayal, and the imperfections of the fall. We fell. We all fall.

The old testament betrays a God who is ruthless and jealous, demanding a strict code of behavior from His followers with just as severe punishments  for any disobedience. When I read the depictions of the Old Testament God, and compare them with the popular religions of that time, the similarities are uncanny. While I do believe God is absolutely holy, and that He had an intended purpose for us… I can not help but wonder if the writers of that time projected popular beliefs about “gods” unto our God when they wrote about Him, and tried to explain Him. without the help of His Spirit indwelling in them, how were they to accurately explain something as massive and mysterious as God? Even with all that aside, the Old Testemant never condemned homosexuality… it condemned promiscuity.

The New Testament brings with it a whole new way to perceive our God. Enter the Son of God, the human incarnate of our vast and holy Creator. Jesus was gentle, and forgiving. While He still expects and admonishes us to leave our “sin” or all the ways in which we have deviated from His intent for us… He never once condemns, He never once judges. He understands. He gets how much life, and environment, and emotions can get us pretty screwed up. He understands that something as big and intangible as our conscious… the very thing that gives us life and awareness, can be so hard to understand, so hard to unravel and interpret. None of us, none of us, know who we are. And none of us have escaped the curse of the fall. We are all broken. And God knows this… He knows this better than any of us do because He alone can see us for our entirity.

In all our brokeness and confusion and struggle, God sees us. He never condemns, never passes judgement. He hurts with us and loves us and understands us better than we could ever understand ourselves.

So what if these boys were homosexuals. Does that even matter? No. They were part of creation. The were looked upon as good by the very One who spoke the universe into existence. They shouldn’t have died. I don’t believe in condemning others, or making judgement calls on what lifestyles are “good” and “bad”. Priest rape boys, Protestant pastors have mistresses and prostitutes, and sometimes even Nazarene pastors of big churches find themselves in love with someone of the same sex. Should we hate them, and act out on that hate? No.

Hate is never the answer.  We can never know why some people are attracted to the same gender. Does it matter? Should it matter? No. people are people, we are all made in the image of God. Therefore, we all deserve respect, and love, and the protection from hatred. Who knows what amazing things those boys may have accomplished in their lives. Who knows what amazing people they could have grown up to be. We’ll never know because idiots who were blinded by hate and malice tortured them until they thought that the only way out was to kill themselves. I sincerely hope none of the bullies where Christians. If they were, they should know that God is not pleased with them. He is never pleased when you hurt and torture His prize creation.

Beyond all the theology, and the hurt and sadness I feel for the victims, as someone who has been bullied… I feel an overwhelming obligation to make sure that I do my part to ensure that the hurting teens around me don’t even find themselves at a place where they think this is the only option. No! Instead, it’s my mission that the youth in my life know that they are loved. For who they are. I don’t care about attraction, political allience, race, or media choices. I want the teens around me to know that I love and care about them. I want to be sure that I do my part to listen, to help, to encourage, and to above all empower those around me to persevere through all the pain they are going through… to find who they are and stand strong in that. Most of all, to never forget that they are good… they are invaluable… and they are better than anyone around them who dares to try to subjegate them.

Teenagers should never get to the place where they think the only option is to die. We should never let them get there. We can’t bring those boys back, but we can stand strong against their real killers: hatred and injustice. As God’s people, we have an obligation to ensure the irradication of hatred… regardless. This isn’t about homosexuality and whether it’s wrong… it’s about the power hatred has to convince young people, with all their promise and possibility just starting to be discovered, that they have no other option but to die. This is wrong.

There is a song by Superckick called “Hero” that talks about this very thing. It is the quatotion at the top of the page. My question is: do we as Christians… the embassadors of God’s love… allow our convictions get in the way of loving on the people around us? How many hurting people have we walked away from because we don’t “believe” the same way? How many teenagers have come to us, asking for help and we’ve instead focused on “saving” them. Did God love us or save us first? It’s time we stop being so judgemental, so “moral”… and start being the heroes the teenagers of this world need. That’s what’s “right”. Love is always “right”.

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