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F for Fail or Life in the Rockies or How I fell in love with hiking or why I shouldn’t be allowed to blog

It has been a month since my last post. I am running on little sleep right now and am feeling rather obnixious. That is to say: I’m annoying myself right now.

update: I have been in Colorado for almost a month at this point. I have a part time/ got-my-foot-in-the-door job. I will be worknig as an Educational Childcare providered. The local school system has this program for adults that helps them to increase their literacy. It takes place in the evenings, and they may bring small children with them as this will increase the likelihood of attendance. My role is to help 3+ year olds to gain literacy and exposure to organized learning. I will be reading books to the children, and encouraging reading/ the development of reading skills. We will also be doing crafts, games, and activities all based on themes. It will be an interesting experience, for sure. Mostly, it will be a job. I am perfectly comfortable worknig with kids, and will have fun teaching. I always thought that if I hadn’t been led towards social work, my english major might have been transformed into english and education double major. … I digress.

Colorado has been wonderful. I get along fairly well with my brother and sister-in-law. I am nervous, because the more comfortable we all becoome with each other, the more my quirks and psychosis will become obvious. I do not want to be an annoyance to them, or a source of stress. So, that’s a fear that is hovering.  That, and worry over my inability to find full-time work yet. Other than those, I have felt at home here in Colorado. Chad and Jess both really enjoy hiking. It would probably be their main hobby. So, i have gone with them on two hikes since being here. And it is some of the best fun I’ve had. I absolutely love it. Colorado is beautiful. The place we hiked last night was a fair easy trail that went through two peaks. Many little streams and rivers ran across this area, and there was plenty of plants and colors splashed everywhere. It was gorgeous. Scattered along the trail where the various remains of old homesteads, which we very much enjoyed exploring. I even got in a little jog, as the ground between the waters was pretty flat and clear of debris. It was just beautiful.

God knew what He was doing, sending me out here. And even though it is awkward at times, trying to adjust to living with C&J… and even though I am constantly stressing about jobs and school loans and such… I’m glad i’m here. Walking that trail last night, laughing with Jess and Chad, jogging with the dogs… feeling all that I was… I’m so very glad i’m here. So glad I came. I have a feeling that I’m going to fall in love with Colorado.

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